Guided Punting Tours in Lübbenau and Lehde

The old town of Lübbenau is the perfect starting point for an excursion through the spree forest, which is also famous as the green Venice of Germany.
There are various ports, where selfemployed boatmen, bounded in cooperatives, collect tourists for punting tours. They all are 15 to 20 minutes (by walk) away from the train station.
The flat bottom boats (punts) have room for 18 to 26 people and every punt starts as soon as it is filled up with around 20 people. The loading times can be very different and depends of the inflow of visitors.
The majority of the boatmen of Lübbenau is very experienced and is telling not just jokes, but also interesting facts about the Spreewald in german.
The prices are pretty similar among the providers of “Kahnfahrten”. So costs a Roundtrip to the Village Lehde and back 14,- Euro per person and the more extended forest tour to the restaurant “Wotschofska” 19,- Euro each. (current prices 2019)

As a local boatman and member of the cooperative “Grosser Hafen” in Lübbenau I carry out guided punting tours for families and bigger groups since 1988 in the Spreewald around Lübbenau and Lehde.
I present with pleasure the impressive history and unique human lifestyle of this population in english and sometimes even in spanish during the boat tour through the network of waterways. Groups with more than 13 people get a special offer on request.
The starting point of my boat tours is the boat landing place “Grosser Hafen” in Lübbenau.
The address is Dammstraße Nr 77a.
This point is easy to find if you let out the first two providers of “Kahnfahrten” and keep walking just further 500 meters.

Exclusive family tours

For couples and families is the rental of their own boat reasonable and has become increasingly popular. They can enjoy the nature a bit off the beaten track in a private ambience and get the information, what they exactly want. Furthermore will they benefit the flexibility of the break times for lunch or museums visit.

The following offers are valid for families and smaller groups up to 12 persons until October, 20th 2019.

  • Forest tour “Wotschofska” 5 hours / 230,- Euro
  • Roundtour “Lehde” 3 hours / 170,-Euro
  • The tours have a stay for lunch or coffee included. I will gladly reserve a table for you in one of our restaurants.
    The payment is in cash possible on the spot before the tour starts.
    A cancellation of the tour is free of charge until 48 hours before the tour is scheduled. Afterwards will be charged 50 % of the costs.

    Guesthouse in Lehde

    The forest tour

    Especially for nature lovers is a guided punting tour to the hidden restaurant “Wotschofska” in the middle of the biosfere reserve Spreewald a good choice.
    Short after leaving the boat landing place “Grosser Hafen”in Lübbenau at 11:00 am we will have a short stop at a pickle seller point to try the spreewald especialities with a lard bred and a cup of coffee or tea.
    Following the main channel “Hauptspree” we will have a sightseeing tour through the unique village Lehde with its ancient wooden loghouses an beautiful gardens.
    Around 12:00 midday leads us our tour to the interior part of the Spreewald with its meadows- and forest areas. There will the visitors observe and admire quite seldom dragonflies, birds and sometimes even a racoon or a beaver.
    forest tour spreewald So 12:30 midday is the estimated arrival time in the guesthouse “Wotschofska”. Built in 1896 has it always served a traditional spreewald cuisine like fried pike filet with spreewald sauce but recently also international food like pasta with tomatoe sauce or vegetable pancakes.
    After a one hour break for lunch starts the return journey on a different track to Lehde where we will pass two logs. In Lehde is then the oportunity, to enjoy a traditional pancake or an ice cream in one of the numerous cafès there.
    The final section of the forest tour leads us through the rural district “Kaupen” back to the main harbour “Grosser Hafen” in Lübbenau, where the tour ends around 4:00 pm.


    Private tour up to 12 persons: 230,- Euro in total

    Groups with more than 12 persons: 20,- Euro per person

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