About me

As a resident of Lehde Spreewald have I been serving punt tours with visitors from all over the world since 1988. I have been working also as a gardener and postman. I’ve built two log houses that traditional as our anchestors have done it. It has cost many years and personally commitment.
I finalised the first one in 2001 for renting to holidaymakers and the second one in 2008 for my own family.
After that I looked for a new challenge and as a member of the Spreewald-Tourist information Lübbenau e V I wanted to provide my services as a boatman in a higher quality at the same time….
….therefore I started learning English in 2009 by the online learning program Babbel until the end.
Then has followed Rosetta Stone which includs even lessons with real teachers.
I have really enjoyed that great experience but I was not satisfied with the results yet and decided to book a language travel to Malta for four weeks in 2012. It was a outstanding process of learning and a great time.
Then, when I realized in 2013, that I can entertain my guests in English, I started very soon learning Spanish with the same applications as I did in English. Especially valuable were my language travels to Valencia and Málaga.
Now, it’s an enormous pleasure and a great education for me to meet people from all over the world and my impression is, that they really enjoy my guided tours in our beautiful landscape.


Gozo in 2012

BELS Malta

Gozo in 2014


Valencia in 2015

Málaga in 2016

Málaga in 2016



If you would like to have a beautiful tour in the „Spreewald,“contact me via email (contact@spreewald-experience.de)